ISSC 2012 Ranking

1Oisin van Gelderen2.1
2Steve Flanagan7.0
3Rob Jones11.0
4Gildas Bechet14.0
5Guy Molyneux14.0
6Cormac O`Brien18.0
7Keith Gorman23.0
8Stephen Lawless24.0
9Colman Phelan29.0
10Jamie Knox33.0

GPS - 500m

1Oisin Van Gelderen42.55
2Steve Flanagan38.02
3Guy Molyneux37.72
4Rob Jones36.95
5Gildas Bechet35.66
6Gildas Bechet35.66
7Cormac O`Brien35.06
8Stephen Lawless33.33
9Colman Phelan32.21
10Dave Garvey32.21

GPS - 10SecAvg


We realize that most windsurfers want to go fast and beat there mates, creating a real desire to continue to ever faster speeds. Speed sailing is a pure form of windsurfing, simple in concept but incredibly challenging and you can do it on any kit in any location, even create a competition on your own water via the website. With the growing number of speedies out there we have onsite GPS demo's, we can help you set up your GPS and upload it to the GPS website and show you how to get the most from your kit with tuning tip’s from Irelands fastest men.

So give it a go know you want to!!!

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