ISSC 2012 Ranking

1Oisin van Gelderen2.1
2Steve Flanagan7.0
3Rob Jones11.0
4Gildas Bechet14.0
5Guy Molyneux14.0
6Cormac O`Brien18.0
7Keith Gorman23.0
8Stephen Lawless24.0
9Colman Phelan29.0
10Jamie Knox33.0

GPS - 500m

1Oisin Van Gelderen42.55
2Steve Flanagan38.02
3Guy Molyneux37.72
4Rob Jones36.95
5Gildas Bechet35.66
6Gildas Bechet35.66
7Cormac O`Brien35.06
8Stephen Lawless33.33
9Colman Phelan32.21
10Dave Garvey32.21

GPS - 10SecAvg

Upcoming events for 2011

This year we want to put the fun back into compaction by running two fleets the first of which will be the gold fleet were if you are sailing a speed board or a slalom board with a race sail with cambers you will be in the race fleet but lets just say you want to come to an event but only have freeride kit no problem your in the freeride fleet so whether you're on a freeride board or a wave board why not come along and give the speed sailing a go.

We will have all the top Irish speed sailors on hand to give advice on rig and board tuning also if you see any of the speed sailors out sailing on a beach near you why not go up and ask them for advice and I'm sure you'll find them very helpful.

The Freeride fleet this year will have loads of prizes as we have loads of support from our sponsors so come along to the next event and push your self to see just how fast you can go and just how mush fun you can have at the same time.

Date Event Location Type
26/27 February Speed 1 TBC Speed Championship
26/27 March Speed 2 TBC Speed Championship
23/24 April Speed 3 TBC Speed Championship
17/18 September Speed 4 TBC Speed Championship
08/09 October Speed 5 TBC Speed Championship
19/20 November Speed 6 - Rollover 1 TBC Speed Championship
26/27 November Speed 6 - Rollover 2 TBC Speed Championship

Speed Sailing Guidelines

In order to compete in a Speed Surfing event in Ireland, competitors must be a member of the IWA and proof of membership must be displayed at time of entry, IWA membership forms will be available at time of registration at each event for new members. By joining the IWA you will be covered by their 3rd Party liability insurance which is mandatory for competition in the Irish Speed Surfing Championships, more information can be found at their website

A competitor must complete a valid event entry form and pay their appropriate entry fee to the event organiser in order to compete in the event. All forms must be completed and fees paid before a competitor can participate in the competiton.

For 2010 we are implementing two fleets similar to the 2009 Championship, the Race fleet is aimed at the hardcore racers, while the freeride fleet is aimed at those who don't have dedicated race equipment and want to give speedsailing a try and see how fast their gear can go! See the guidelines below for more information.

Race Fleet:

The race fleet is aimed at those using full on slalom/speed equipment, boards that fall into the race/freerace/slalom and speed genres as well as race/freerace/slalom/speed specific sails. Generally these types of sails would include 2 or more cambers.

Freeride Fleet:

The freeride fleet is aimed at those on non dedicated race equipment, the idea behind the freeride fleet is that it allows you to come out and see how fast your gear can go, you don't need dedicated race gear to go fast. If you have wave/freeride/freestyle equipment and you want to compete against other on similar gear without being at a disadvantage, then this is the fleet for you.

**(NB: If you are using a wave sail on a dedicated speed/slalom board you would be considered part of the race fleet, similarly, if you had a race sail on a wave board. This is due to you having a distinct advantage over those on pure freeride/wave gear. If you are unsure, please check with the race organiser at the event to be sure you enter the correct fleet.)

Race/Slalom/Speed boards would include:

  • JP Speed/Slalom/SuperSport's
  • F2 SX/Missile
  • Fanatic Falcon/Ray's
  • Statboard iSonic's/Futura's
  • Tabou Manta/Rocket
  • Mistral Speed/Slalom.
  • Other similar style boards from other brands

Race/Slalom/Speed sails would include:

  • KA Race/Koncept
  • Loft Blade/SwitchBlade
  • Naish Stealth/Grand Prix
  • Neil Pryde RS models/V8's
  • North Sails Warp/RAM/S-Type
  • Severne CodeRed/Overdrive/Reflex
  • Other similar style sails from other brands